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1. Sign ups are closed. We have 12 participants, which is a nice number. Everyone gets a card this year.

2. If you haven't commented to the address post with your address, I've sent you a PM. Please respond to it promptly.

3. If you are NOT participating this year, I have REMOVED you from the community's membership. We have people's addresses listed here, I want to be sure they are as secure as possible. I'm sure you all understand.

4. As an aside, for the American players, Barns and Noble is selling cards for UNICEF this year. They're a bit more expensive than something you'd get at a dollar store, but the money goes to UNICEF.

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Sign ups here

If you have not signed up for a character and do not intend to, please leave this community.

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Go here to get started! <3

Comment to this post with any comments or suggestions. I'm absolutely open to anything that might stream line this.

Incidentally, feel free to pimp this around. <3

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Comment to this post with your character's name.

Real names only. For the sake of simplicity, we're not going to use code names.

Ex: Timothy Jackson Drake-Wayne


Claimed Characters

1. Timothy Jackson Drake-Wayne/aravistarkheena

2.Roy Harper/ dixid

3. Dick Grayson / munnin_odanin

4. Barbara Gordon/ modestroad

5. Steph Brown / changing_leads

6. Jason Todd/darthbatgirl

7. Bart Allen/imasupermuteant

8. Alfred Pennyworth/kirax2

9. Lian Harper/ littlemissgriff

10. Cassandra Cain/shobogan

11. Dinah Laurel Lance/reginalibintia

12. Damian Wayne/xsolarflarex

After your claim your character post your address here
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Anyone want to do the card exchange again this year?  
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Just taking a poll to see who sent out their cards. No worries if you didn't send them out yet. Just use the excuse I'm using: Jason would totally send late dirty Christmas cards. XD And no, I'm not going to send them out in March like Bek suggested. That's just silly. >>;;

Have you sent your cards?

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General Idea

The basic idea is that we send each other cards from certain comic book characters.

EX: Say I claim Tim and Gloria claims Jason. She would then write a holiday card from Jason to Tim and mail it to me. Additionally, I would write one from Tim to Jason and send it to her.


1. You claim your character here. If a character is already claimed, you cannot claim them. Be creative. Pick a second tier character. They're surprisingly fun to play with.

2. Go here and leave your address sometime before the Character Claims close.

3. Go here, on November 26th and claim the characters you would like to send a card to.

4. Go to your local drug or dollar store and get a cheap set of holiday/Christmas cards. Nothing more than a couple of bucks. We want to keep this affordable and fun.

5. Go to post office and get a sheet of stamps.

6. Write the cards out as if you were the character you claimed writing to the character the other person claimed.

7. Address, stamp and mail the crap out of your cards.

8. Check in here to confirm that you completed your claim.


It would be awesome if everyone got their cards sent out before January 1st. However, I totally understand how stressful this time of year can be so if you're a little late, everyone will understand. So long as you complete your claims.

Additional Notes

If you're not into the whole holiday thing, a sentiment that I totally understand, you're perfectly welcome to send letters on stationary sets or post cards. So long as it's a card, it's fair game. Be creative. Plus, it would be amazingly funny if someone sent Jason a 'congratulations on your blessed event' card leaving him frantically wondering who the hell he knocked up.

The most important thing to remember is to have fun.

I'm keeping the membership of this com moderated so that only players can see the entries. That way, no one who isn't involved in the game can get your personal information. Unless they're Babs. Then you're effed.
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Comment here if you've sent out all your cards.


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Comment to this post with your character's name.

Real names only. For the sake of simplicity, we're not going to use code names.

Ex: Timothy Drake-Wayne



Claimed Characters

1. Jason Peter Todd Wayne/ shiny_glor_chan
2. Timothy Jackson Drake-Wayne/ aravistarkheena
3. Zachary Zatara/ faile_neume
4. Bart Allen/ lyanth
5. Conner (Kon-El) Kent/ sammage_art
6. Krypto the Superdog/ thealisonbailey
7. Richard Grayson/ museofspeed
8. Cassandra Cain/ iesika
9. Roy Harper/ darthbatgirl
10. Dinah Lance/ zarabithia
11. Michael Jon Carter/ jaclynhyde
12. Barbara Gordon/ modestroad
13. Victor Sage/ vic_question
14. Bruce Wayne/ munnin_odanin
15. Selina Kyle/ changing_leads
16. Alfred Pennyworth/ soshoni
17. Alan Scott/isilweth
18. Lian Harper/ dixid
19. Jaime Reyes/ kinosino
20. Wally West & Family/ reginalibintia
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